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Family Photo Shoot

It was so great photograpghing this super cute family!

KL917-0113 Landwehrle.jpg
KL917-0251 Landwehrle.jpg
KL917-0271 Landwehrle.jpg
KL917-0324 Landwehrle.jpg
KL917-0120 Landwehrle.jpg

Sarah Ramsey Strong Fund Girls Night Out

Thursday night I had the pleasure of photograghing the benifit for Sarah Ramsey Strong Fund it was an amazing evening filled with wonderful people.
KL880-0001 Landwehrle.jpg
KL880-0028 Landwehrle.jpg
KL880-0069 Landwehrle.jpg
KL880-0170 Landwehrle.jpg
KL880-0184 Landwehrle.jpg

Adina and Ryan’s Killington Grand Wedding!

Adina and Ryan had an amazing wedding at the Killington Grand in Green Mountains of Killington Vermont!
It was so wonderful to be able to capture Ryan and Adina’s wedding they are such an amzing fun loving happy couple
and their family were so awesome! And they had the most beautiful weather all day and then a gorgeous full moon!

KL795-0002 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-0586 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-0693 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-0947 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-0974 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-1146 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-1274 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-1571 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-1512 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-1704 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-1764 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-2000 Landwehrle.jpg
KL795-2454 Landwehrle.jpg

February 6, 2015 - 3:31 pm Wendy calvi - The pictures are sooooooo beautiful! Fun, fun wedding! Love this couple!

February 6, 2015 - 4:19 pm Mary Linda and Tom DeHainaut - We can't thank you enough for your beautiful work. I have the picture of Haley running and want to cry each time I see it. It is so beautiful!!! You captured it all! You caught our personality in the pictures. Ryan and Adina are beautiful people inside and out and it shows!!! Thank you for everything!!!